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Baa Baa Love

As mentioned in the previous blog, teamwork and collaboration is important. It's why Totes Caribbean Partners have been added to the store.

Let me take a moment to introduce you to the first of our partners:

Baa Baa Love

Here's what Founder, Claire McDonald has to say about her brand.

"Every time I wanted to purchase a baby product for my daughter or as a gift for a new baby, I struggled to find a product that represented me as a Black person from a Caribbean background."


Why Baa Baa?

Baa Baa is a play on words of the nickname I gave to my daughter when she was a baby, “Babba”. 

It describes the sound a sheep makes and you will know it from the nursery rhyme – ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’.

Black sheep was a term given to anyone who was different from the rest of the flock of sheep i.e. “black sheep of the family”. I certainly have memories of attending a predominantly white school as a child and having my fellow peers emphasise “black sheep” in my face during singing assembly.

Claire McDonald, Founder of Baa Baa Love


What does Baa Baa Love represent?

This brand represents those 'black sheep' who may feel or look different, and embraces them with love. After all, love is equal.

The baby clothing and products will feature either the 'sheep' logo or the 'baby' logo. The baby logo will be available in a selection of skin tones - Fair, Medium & Dark.

In an age where representation matters, it will hopefully better represent ALL the beautiful babies being brought into this world. The products celebrate the beauty of difference. With Baa Baa Love, different is good. 

Baa Baa Love, a diverse and inclusive baby clothing and gift service.

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